Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Stationary

First, when planning a wedding, the wedding planning books talk about stationary choices. However, while a bride may think she does not need any stationary, other than an invite, response card or thank you notes. Today’s weddings require a wide variety of stationary. We used lots of stationary in this wedding:

·         Save the dates
·         Invitations
·         Bridesmaid luncheon invites
·         Stickers
·         Cards for some special notes
·         Envelops for the hankies
·         Menu Cards
·         Programs
·         Notes to friends, bridesmaids and  bridal helpers
·         Thank you notes
·         Wedding itineraries for out of town guests

Since the stationary came from multiple sources and vendors, it was extremely important to have a consistent look to all the different choices.

That was a tough challenge. We purchased a sample of different stationary items to ensure they had a consistent look. The effort was worth it but an important step in wedding planning that we were not prepared to take.

Another problem we kept coming up time and time again was the background of all the different stationary choices was the background: Ivory or white.

Before the bride picks her colors, designs and invitation or thinks about all her choices, she should decide either ivory or white and stick with it for the entire spectrum of stationary choices. 

That is good advice for anyone. The background color is just as important as the colors you choose for any party. 


  1. I'm glad we had a small wedding at are such a dedicated Mom...

  2. Picking wedding up a good wedding stationary can be tough but it's all worth it. That really important.


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