Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We are a week away from this wedding. While I thought I knew a tremendous amount about planning an event or a project, I feel as though I went through a master’s class on coordination and scheduling. I also learned a great deal about myself and I thought I would share some ideas.

·         1. Any big project, be it a wedding, kitchen remodel or vacation requires three times more planning, decision making or money than you plan. Okay, maybe not three times the money but definitely three times the planning and decision making. On the surface a wedding looks like: dress, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, cake, venue and invite… Oh no, no, no a wedding has thousands of details, most of which will never get noticed.

·         2. Next, those thousand details are what separate an ordinary wedding from an extraordinary wedding. Now, I am not talking about spending money. I am referring to the thoughtfulness of the hosts to their guests. Let’s say we are looking at a kitchen remodel. The carefully chosen and well placed items make the kitchen a breeze to prepare meals.

·         3. A big project needs to be broken down into many small parts that can be completed in however much time you can devote to it. An example, my daughter and I set aside every Thursday afternoon to complete a list of wedding things that needed to be completed. The list had approximately 5 to 10 items a week on it and fit into the much larger list of wedding details. We would spend two to three hours, shopping, cooking, organizing or pouring over stationary books. Then have a nice dinner!!!

·        4. Tackling a project requires consistent effort.

·         5. Halfway through the project, you will feel like this project will never end. It will, trust me.

In the coming weeks, I will lay out the strategy of how I tackled this wedding and what other projects we have in store.


  1. I so agree, attention to the small details are everything! I've been panning my son'e 5th birthday party since Jan, and the fun is in the details. It's a science party, and I put Einstein postage stamps on the invitation, a detail I am sure went unnoticed by may.
    Enjoy every millisecond of the wedding Sat, I'll be here in Ky exploding Coke & Mentos geysers with a group of 5 yr olds, and enjoying it just as much. Live in the moment!

  2. I cannot WAIT to see all the wonderful details and strategies you have devised! You are so gifted in this area, I'm sure it will be a real education for all of us readers!


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