Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guest Bedroom

Getting ready for this weekend, I remodeled three bedrooms and promised to show you the last bedroom for several weeks…. So here it is. 

After wallpapering with this lovely wallpaper, it was time to fill the room with furniture and yard sale treasures. This chair was here before but I added these pillows found at a yard sale. How sweet are they?

I painted this table and found this beautiful egg. I love how pretty it is and it provides my guests a place to put rings, etc.

The mirror was another found treasure.

Remember the armoire? Well, here it is with the bed. I love this JC Penney Bed and the denim comforter, which coordinates with the chair.

The Euro Shams and pillow shams were yard sale finds. The pillow shams were Italian. Lovely and inviting!!


Lastly, my great Aunt’s chair has found a home that allows it to fit neatly into the décor.

This room had the least amount of furniture when I started it. Although the bed and comforter are new, everything else was either a yard sale item or a piece of furniture I had on hand. 

I spent less than $600 on all the items in this room. With three bedrooms to furnish and a wedding, I needed to be very frugal but didn’t want to give up any style. The results are lovely. I am thrilled and often spend time in the room looking at the garden.


  1. very nice Cynthia...I know you are excited about the big day...

  2. Great job! I've always loved denim comforters...they are a great starting point. The wallpaper is beautiful!

  3. Really you did great job.This room looks very cool.Everything in the room look beautiful.
    -Bedroom Furniture

  4. I love the colors you choose! So beautiful, looks like out of a magazine!

  5. The pillow shams were Italian. wow i like furniture


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