Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden Headboard Bench

The blogosphere is filled with many headboard benches. Well, when I saw this headboard and footboard at a yard sale for $10, I decided that I would attempt to build my own headboard bench. 

 First, carefully measure the foot board in half.

Next, you cut the foot board. 

 Next, place the cut end of the foot board against the end of the headboard, I outlined the headboard first, so I could find the center. From the outside back, I pre-drilled a hole to put a long wood screw in. 

I screwed in three long wood screws, two on the top and one on on the bottom. 
For the seat, pressure treated wood was measured and a little overhang was left for the seat.

The bench was primed and painted with exterior paint. 
I have to say, the bench has a nice roomy seat and is absolutely lovely. 

Another $15 for pressure treated wood, I already had the paint. 

A sweet deal that looks lovely in the garden.


  1. Cool bench. We just took the futon out of my son's room. He managed to bend the frame! I took it apart, all the while imagining ways to re-purpose the parts! We'll see if I can come up with anything.

  2. this bench came out really great!

  3. I can't say how many of these I've made, and each one is always different.
    You did a fabulous job!
    saw you at craft gossip

  4. amazing, I love your blog and your bench is a great idea., thank you love Glenda.


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