Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time to pick the strawberries

In East Tennessee, it is time to pick strawberries.


 Our favorite spot to pick any fruit was full of strawberries, the best strawberries in 10 years. 

So my sweet daughter and her fiancé wanted to pick strawberries. We would whip up some strawberry jam for their out of town guest baskets.

Searching the field for the best strawberries…

Found some!!

The fields were filled with kids!!!

Look at that concentration. 

They were very earnest in their picking.
He is so proud of his strawberry, he holds it like a prized bass. 

Her biggest strawberry looked like some lips. 

We picked 13 pounds of strawberries….

Enough for two batches of jam, which I am making tomorrow

A full tray of strawberries to freeze.

And enough to eat!!!

Great job guys!!!


  1. Those strawberries look amazing! We went strawberry picking here and all the strawberries were small! Those though - making my mouth water just looking at them!! YUM!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Yum! No strawberries here yet. :(

  3. my poor strawberry plants have been dug up three times....(by some 4 legged furball....just not sure which one) but they are finally starting to get blooms again...


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