Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Painted Armoire

After completely remodeling two bedrooms, I needed some inexpensive (read cheap) furniture to fill out the last bedroom. Unfortunately, this bedroom houses the hub of all the cable hardware for the home. So I needed an armoire to make all that ugly wires, components go away. 

Well, my friend found this armoire at a yard sale and asked me if I liked it. I loved it because the room is French Country and the details of the armoire would fit perfectly with the room, but more importantly, I needed a smaller armoire that would not over power the room.

But UHHHH, the color would not work. 
Painting furniture has never bothered me. And at $90, it fit the bill of an inexpensive piece without looking inexpensive. Yes the back has a big whole, I haven't decided if I am going to put a new back or leave it.

After painting this mirror, last fall, I was confident the color would be beautiful on this armoire. So with paint gun in hand, I taped the hardware
Removed handles and sanded any rough spots. 

After two coats of paint, using the air compressor paint gun, the beauty of the armoire started to shine through. 

And look how great it fits in the room. 

So pretty!!!

Next week, the bedroom gets the reveal! I can’t wait.


  1. Great job! We sold two armoires we had that were in perfect condition on Craig's List. They originally were very expensive and I think we sold them each for $100.00. I'm sure you got a really good buy.

  2. great the color...

  3. Very nice, Cynthia! I love the color!


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