Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Architectual Elements in the Garden

I know I preach about making the vegetable garden pretty. But seriously, vegetable gardens can be drab or unsightly. Architectural elements turn a normal garden into a show place. They provide the same textural element to the garden as they do in any room. Crown molding makes a normal boxy room, a showplace.

My ultimate goal is to grow vegetables. But it has to be pretty!! 

You know my inspiration picture. 

Or the other most beautiful garden I know, Meryl Streep's Garden in the movie It's Complicated. This garden is beautiful because of the structures in the garden. 

These ladder trellises, $40, are pretty without any plants on them but when the peas are covering the trellises, you can image how pretty they will be.

Last year, I added this pretty iron bird bath from a yard sale for $5. 

This year, the bath got a pretty addition, a $1 cement bird from a yard sale, also. 

My garden is neatly mulched and outlined with a little iron fence around each bed. 

I know this is not the first time I have addressed the dowdy vegetable garden. It is my passion..... I want everyone's garden to be pretty. Let's face it, I want every yard to be pretty too. The vegetable garden should fit with the landscape not be an eyesore!!! So show us your pretty vegetable garden!!!!!


  1. I loved her garden in that movie....yours looks great...

  2. I want them all to be pretty husband says I'm a yard snob. In fact, we just got new neighbors and I was sweating it out to see what their yard philosophy would be. They are perfectionists. Yeah!!~

  3. Love your garden. It is looking awesome! I was wondering if you knew where you found the second picture from. I would love to know which state the garden with the girl in the overalls is from.


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