Thursday, April 28, 2011

Planting Wisteria

In 2007, we completely transformed our backyard and pool area.

The area is now a lovely shaded area to entertain, which we do often. 

In the process, I wanted this pergola built but knew the beating sun would not make eating out there a pleasant experience. So along the base of the pergola, I planted this small $25 wisteria. As you can see it is pretty small. 

The next year, it climbed up the side of the pergola and just barely topped the roof.

In 2009, it needed some serious pruning to keep it in the boundaries of the roof and the wisteria loves to tangle up on itself. My lovely daughter kindly did the honors. It provided much needed shade over the dining table.

Last year, the wisteria was lovely and you can see covers almost half of the 28 foot long pergola. We had the most wonderful shade for the summer and look how sweet the shade was for the bridal shower we had outside. 

This year, the wisteria bloomed for the very first time with the sweetest prettiest flowers.

 They looked like grapes, with the most delicate smell. 

I wish it was purple but the delicate white flowers are so sweet and how can I complain about the bounty of flowers?  I am excited to have the pergola covered and the lovely shade we will have for the entire summer. 

Gardening is sometimes slow process but the rewards are so sweet that I think it is worth the effort. 


  1. tried explaining that to my hubby...he's very your wisteria...

  2. Ah, my boyfriend has difficulty with the gardening patience concept as well. He prefers immediate results. I adore your wisteria. Just looking at the picture I can practically smell it!

  3. I love the wisteria (and your lovely porch decor for special occasions -- you have a gift)! You are smart to have it on such a large and sturdy structure. We had one planted on a small pergola (about 10' long) and I swear that thing tried to eat the house! Constantly! We had to prune it 3x a season!

    But when it bloomed.... FANTASTIC. It stopped traffic. Sigh!



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