Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Weekly Cleaning Routine:

Last week, I wrote a long post about my home not being clean. What I am talking about is DEEP CLEAN!! And further lamented that while I have grown children and a husband that worked out of town, my house didn’t seem to get clean despite a year of trying to make it clean. How would a young mother with a family clean her home? 

Well, I promised a method to help those ladies who really want their homes cleaned without spending hours and hours cleaning.

First, you have to clean your home consistently. Vacuuming the entire house once a week eliminates dirt that will build up. I have the house picked up on Sunday night and first thing Monday morning, I vacuum the entire house. Then I mop the hardwood I am tackling that day, the kitchen and the bathrooms in that order. The mop head goes into the washer, when I am done. The entire process takes one hour.

 Wednesday, I dust and clean all the glass in the house and clean two out of the four bathrooms. This step only takes 45 minutes. I then spend 15 minutes washing baseboards or woodwork or vacuuming furniture in one area of the home. If I am working on the closets, I may just spend the fifteen minutes organizing a closet. 

  • Area 1: The Living Room
  • Area 2: The Dining Room and Study
  • Area 3: The Kitchen
  • Area 4: The Guest Bedrooms
  • Area 5: Our Bedroom
  • Area 6: The Office
  • Area 7: Closets
Saturday, I spend the morning cleaning up our bedroom, putting things away that migrated to our room. Also, I thoroughly clean the bathroom. My dogs love to look out our bedroom window and bark at walkers so I always have to clean the window.  Time spent: one hour

Throughout the week, I spend a little time focusing on the area I am working on, such as replacing lamp shades, light bulbs, organizing drawers, etc. But I do not spend even one hour doing this task. 

Now, the entire house gets cleaned every 8 weeks. But does it get deeply cleaned? No, but as I repeat this process, the house is getting cleaner every time I clean. In fact, I must tell you, Monday when I mopped the water was barely dirty, when I was finished. 

Of course, we have to tackle outside the home but you cannot focus on anything until your home is clean. 

I do not skip my cleaning routine. I have in the past and always regretted it. The home was much dirtier and took much longer to get caught up.

Some tips that will make cleaning chores more pleasant:

1.      I have a cleaning playlist on my iPhone. Please don’t come around when I am cleaning because I love to sing and you will run in terror away from my singing. The playlist goes for one hour and has some fantastic songs that make me move fast. Honestly, sometimes I am sad when I finish vacuuming. 
2.   A mop with a clean mop head. You will really feel like you are cleaning your home with a clean mop. 

3. A cleaning basket. All my tools in one spot, make it easy to keep going and not get side tracked.
4.    Fancy cleaning gloves. No chore that is more hated than cleaning the toilet. I use fancy gloves, but honestly you can use any gloves. That way I know that I am not touching any nasty stuff. 

5. Wash clothes used for dusting and glass cleaning that can be bleached or washed. 

How easy was that? About three hours a week, spread over three different days and you have cleaned your home. 

Next, we will tackle the bigger projects.


  1. good hints and pointers....with your way you don't drive yourself crazy getting ready for company like I do....maybe you will be a good influence on me....

  2. Um, so do you want employment? Lord have mercy. I used to have it all together. And then life happened! I think I will try a bit harder, just for you.

  3. Ok - what kind of mop do you use? I am totally not happy with mine, and am tired of buying more. Also any cleaning products to recommend?


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