Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monthly Home Maintenance

How do you maintain your home? Do you have a schedule or do you call when something breaks? Do you let things go or are you proactive?
Well, I am a proactive kind of gal. I am always looking at what needs to be done and fitting it into a busy schedule. 

So how do we properly maintain a home? 

Since the home is clean, we have time to focus on the rest of the chores. I set monthly and yearly schedules to accomplish all the home’s dreary maintenance. I find the easiest and least stressful way is to set a schedule of items that need to be done and not think about it.


  • All the filters in the home need to be changed.
  • Vacuum bags need to be replaced
  • Vacuuming behind fridge and freezer.
  • Freezer and pantry get a quick organization and wipe down.
  • They also get a once over to see what needs replenishment.
  • Trash cans need to be washed out.
  • Coupons are checked for expiration date.
  • All the flower beds get a once over to make sure there are no weeds.
  • Garage is swept and straightened.
  • Dog Food is purchased and dog’s get their medication.
  •  I like to change the front door every month!! Do you? 



The list may be a little longer but I generally keep to this list. It makes my life easier, if I know to check off all the items every month that my home is in great working order.

What is on your monthly list?


  1. Oh my goodness, how do you accomplish all of that while working? That's the part that I may never figure out.

  2. I'm with do you manage to keep it all done...


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