Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning the Potting Shed

Spring brings many chores around the home, the yard and the potting shed. Spending quality time in the shed makes the gardening chores so much easier.

My garden pots were cleaned with soap and a little bleach last fall. They are ready for their close-up!!

I have a little blackboard in here to keep track of when I fertilized, sprayed for fungicide or planted some seeds.

 All the vases are lined up for cut flowers. 

The baskets lined up for gathering all the veggies and ready to deliver all the bounty to neighbors. 

The potting table is full of new soil ready to plant all those pretty pots with flowers.

The floors are all swept and ready for all the spring gardening chores; planting and harvesting. The shed even acts as a pool house and a bar for all our outside parties.

Get ready little shed, it is going to be a busy season!!!

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