Monday, March 21, 2011

Speed Cleaning Your Car's Interior - or 15 minutes to a happier Mom!!

Winter is winding down and the cold weather has really made it impossible to keep your car clean. However, here are my steps to quickly get your car looking good.

  1. Toss the trash: When you are filling your car with gas, empty all your trash into the readily available trash bins. 
  2. At the same time, take out the floor mats and beating them against each other to remove any dirt.
  3. Using car cleaning wipes, wipe down the dashboard, center console, any drink holders, seats and the driver door. 
  4. With glass cleaner, whip down the windshield, sunroof and rear window. In my case, I have to wipe down all the puppy noses!!!

       5. Lastly, vacuum all the seats and the floor.
Your car will look good in less than fifteen minutes or less.  You will feel like a million dollars and drive with pride!!! Spring is coming and we can get to more detailed cleaning on a warmer day!!


  1. great ideas...I always try to do a little clean out when I fill up...

  2. It fels so good to have a clean sweet husband always cleans mine for me!

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