Monday, March 07, 2011

Organization: Is your closet ready? And is it organized?

One of the things I always love to do is read organizational books. I know weird, huh!!! But you do find out gems of information that help make life easier.


So when I came over this closet list of necessary items, I thought you would like to read it.

  1.  Steamer- to take care of last minute wrinkles

  2. As the Mom to these two dogs, a lint roller is essential.
  3. Good lighting in the closet. Yes, I have worn navy blue tights with a black skirt and vice versa. Umm,      lighting would have helped this faux pas.
  4. Double sided tape - to fix a hem in an emergency and to keep a top where it belongs.
  5. Detergent pen to remove a stain. I also keep a stain stick to pre-treat stains before laundering the items.
  6. Wood hangers. Love the way they make my clothes look, no humped shoulders and I love the way they   make my closet look. Organized.

  7. Full length mirror. You need to see how you look before you leave the home.
  8. A small  bowl - to catch all your loose buttons, etc.

  9. Book with zippered envelopes. The book keeps all those buttons and thread from new shirts, pants etc.
  10. Laundry bag for dry cleaners and delicate laundry. I keep two bags ready so all the laundry gets done in a timely fashion.

  11. I love this shadow box that organizes all my jewelry and keeps it dust free. 

I will tell you an organized closet is the best gift you can give yourself. Instead of throwing on clothes, you can make outfits!!! Outfits with earrings, scarves and matching watches. Those outfits will make you feel better!!! 

Take this weekend and spend some time to get the closet whipped in shape. Spring and summer are coming and we need to change the closet over to summery clothes. Don't you want to start with a clean closet?

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  1. excellent tips...I still think you should write a book...An Accomplished would do great...


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