Thursday, March 31, 2011

My new birdhouse

I love birds in the garden or the yard. It always makes my home feel like a special place. During the winter, a cardinal visiting reminds me that spring will be here shortly.

When we went to yard sales last week, I came across this birdhouse and decided that the birds at my home needed a fancy house to eat their bird seed. 

After a fresh coat of paint and several days of contemplating where the bird house should reside, I decided the house should sit in the new flower bed by the guest bedrooms. This location provides the best view of the birds in winter and brings height to the other side of the flower beds. 

I think it looks beautiful and brings a pretty new addition to our home. I hope they love it. 


Don't tell them it was only $15!!!


  1. it looks great....hope you have really pretty birds show up....

  2. I really like your new birdhouse. That was a good price too! W

  3. Wow that is really cute :) I've been looking for something like that for our birds.


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