Saturday, March 05, 2011

My funny Valentine!!!

My family knows how much I love cookbooks. So when my husband came home this last weekend with my Valentine’s present in tow, he presented me with this cookbook.

How smart is he? First, for sure I do not own this book. Secondly, I am sure he didn’t pay retail and with a wedding to pay for, he saved money but most importantly, I adore old cookbooks more than new cookbooks. You will find me rummaging through old cookbooks at every yard sale we go to. I own my great Aunt’s cooking recipe cards, many of the families recipes, etc.

Actually, my absolute favorite cookbooks are the ladies auxillary, ladies church cookbooks, women’s leagues, etc. Don’t ask me why, I just love to read old cookbooks. 

Well, this cookbook is a treasure of gastronomic history. First, it is British. How delightful. My first clue was the appetiser chapter.
Secondly, the book held dishes like:

Thirdly, I learned what caster sugar is. We call it superfine sugar but how fun is that to know.

If I get one good recipe out a cook book it was a success but more importantly, I love to know what homemakers back in the late 40’s early 50’s used to create their family’s dishes.

So thank you honey, you know what I love!!! And  I will cook you one awesome dish from it… not


  1. very thoughtful hubby.....

  2. Oh! Help! How wonderful! Would you be willing to give me the whole recipe for the casseroled heart? I have a venison heart in the freezer and have been at a loss what to do with it. Pretty please???


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