Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Cleaning Routine

About a year ago, I let my cleaning lady go, very gently but she had to go… my home wasn’t clean. 

So as I forged ahead with new knees and the determination to get my home clean. I developed a cleaning routine that not only got my home sparkling but also didn’t tie up an entire day accomplishing that task. At the end of this year, my home is cleaner than before and I don’t spend all day cleaning. 

Now with these two boys, I vacuum the entire house about four times a week. That step takes about 20 minutes. 

Monday:        Dust and Polish with Glass cleaner
                       Clean one bathroom, one of the guest room bathrooms

Wednesday:   After vacuuming, mop all floors
                      Wash baseboards in one room

Saturday:      Clean our bedroom
                      Clean my bathroom

Each one of these steps takes about 30 minutes. However, I can take my time and stretch out these chores. I have plenty of time to get side-tracked into organizing any drawers, clean a closet or washing walls. 

I try to stick to this routine because honestly, my home is much cleaner than with a cleaning lady. Oh yeah, and I save $200 a month!!!


  1. I agree with you. Regular/purposeful cleaning works much better than a cleaning lady. I had one a few years ago. It was enjoyable when she came...for about five minutes. The smell of the cleaning products is intoxicating but she really did only surface work.

  2. Very smart to make your own cleaning routine. This is the best way to maintain your house in the same clean way it was after the move in cleaning, isn't it?

  3. What a great idea!! thanks for sharing it.I like your site.


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