Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Greening of my Garden

My garden has been cleaned up and is ready for this growing season. Even without plants, the garden has some structure to make it attractive. 

Already we have arugula

Planted lettuce

Broccoli and cabbage

New climbing structures for the peas

The herbs are coming back but I still have a little weeding. 

Oh, I can’t wait for the spring and summer…. Summer tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and peppers. One bed is going to be dedicated to flowers.

I have lots of freezing, canning and dehydrating to do this year, but oh so much fun!!! 

How does your garden look? Are you ready for this year?


  1. planted and ready to go...just gonna get some strawberry plants for my worn out wheel barrow....and the waiting begins...

  2. Aw, your garden looks so springy! We live in PA and it's still winter for our garden,,, what a difference a few hundred miles make :)


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