Thursday, March 03, 2011

Garden Tools

Time has come for me to start weeding and cleaning flower beds to get ready for spring. Yeah!!! Gardening has almost started. 

 However, an important step to get ready for spring is to check all my garden tools and make sure they are ready for all their spring chores. 

My Garden Tool Basket

Cleaning, oiling, sharpening and repairing the garden tools will make it easy to get all my gardening chores done. 

I will also see if any tools need to be replaced. 

Next week, prepping the garden beds.


  1. spring is such great time of the year...anticipation of all the new beauty....great tips to make it go smoother..

  2. Ugh. I need to do that too. All of the fall leaves have decided to congregate in my garden this year. Lots of clean up ahead for me! Now if I could just get my back better so I CAN go out and clean...

  3. Love that cute little twine basket!

  4. I just love this time of the year don't you? I planted our garden today. :o) I still need to put the cucumbers and potatoes in, but everything else is planted. :o)
    I too need to check out my tools. Do you have any hints on cleaning the clippers and sharpening them?
    Sincerely, Trish


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