Friday, March 04, 2011

French Crepes

Back in 2002, when the whole family traveled to Paris, one of my children's favorite things in Paris was the Creperie's found on many street corners. Those hot delicious crepes filled with sugar and butter became a family favorite. As complicated as they look, they are actually very simple to make.

The pained look on my daughter is from the cold... not the crepes!!! Don't they look very French!!! Okay, back to the recipe.

In a blender combine flour, eggs, milk, water, salt and melted butter or whisk. Either way works well.

I let the mixture rest for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Next heat a frying pan, wipe a tiny amount of vegetable oil in the pan with a paper towel. This step will prevent the crepe from sticking.

Pour 1/4 c. of batter in the pan and swirl around to create a thin pancake, that covers the plan completely.

When the edges on the side of the crepe appear dry, approximately... carefully flip the crepe and cook one to two minutes longer.

Remove and spread 1/2 t. of softened butter over the crepe.

Sprinkle 1 t. of sugar over the butter.

Fold the crepe in half. Fold in half again.

You have a delicious treat or dessert.

I freeze crepes between wax paper. Crepes can be spread with Nutella and sliced bananas, macerated sliced strawberries, or imaging peanut butter and jelly on a crepe.

I also used them for a Chicken and Asparagus dish, fancy lasagna or elegant desserts. Try them, you will love them.


  1. I bet that was a great daughter likes to make crepes....and she doesn't cook much...she does a good job with them..

  2. You lost me at the "let it sit for a couple of hours" part. As soon as I put it in the fridge to sit, I would forget about it!


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