Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter is Coming

One of my gifts is my ability to PLAN!!! Some people think I am an obsessive planner... hey, I am a planner... what can I say! Planning is a good thing!

That being said, I love Easter! I mean love it. Beyond the Christian significance, I love pastels, eggs, dyed eggs, Easter hats, Easter cookies, carrot cake, ham, Easter Brunch, Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, rabbits, chicks, Cadbury eggs, peanut butter eggs, frilly socks, white patent leather shoes, little girls in Smocked dresses, little boys in bow ties, Big boys in pastel ties,deviled eggs, Seersucker suits, lambs, and Easter morning service at the break of dawn at church. Okay, I feel better.

I mean look how pretty these Easter bunnies look!!!

1. Planning the Easter weekend menu.

Saturday Menu  ?

Brunch on Sunday

Spinach Frittata

Easter Ham with a glaze of Dijon mustard and apricot jam
Scalloped Potatoes
Spring Salad
Carrot Cake, Strawberry Pie or Coconut cake?

I will need to decide...

2. Easter Crafts - What do I want to make?

3. I am making my Easter baskets for those older people at our church - What will I fill those baskets with?

4. I want to make eggs for our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. I need to call to donate 6 dozen colored eggs. 

So ladies, time to put paper to pen and start planning your Easter!! I will be looking for fantastic ideas from you all!!!


  1. I need to get some stuff done, I hate waiting last minute and not finding what I want. I have our first little girl due the next week so I could be in the market for an Easter dress last minute. I can't wait to have her match her big brother's outfit :)
    I want to get his basket semi-ready now just in case the Easter bunny has to make a delivery at the hospital :)

  2. first Easter for Little britches we should have fun...


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