Thursday, March 24, 2011

Early Spring Flowers

Gardening has so many benefits. Outside communing with nature, exercise, digging in the dirt, homegrown tomatoes and veggies, but gardening has more benefits than just the external benefits. For me, gardening teaches a multitude virtues; patience, humility, discipline and diligence.

When you plant a seed, a seedling, a bulb or try to grow plants from cuttings, the results of your efforts may take a long time to see the fruits of those efforts. Gardening takes time, patience.

Any gardener will tell you that humility is a large part of their gardens. No flower is full proof, no veggie will always produce...  plants may live or not. You cannot guard against everything that Mother Nature can throw at you.

But the rewards of all your work is beautiful and satisfying. My consistent efforts in the garden produces beautiful flowers. In early spring, to see the first flowers of a new gardening season brings all the hope of a success.

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