Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Goals

Remember my New Year’s Resolutions? Well, how am I doing on my goals?
1.     Involved in two committees at church – one so far
2.    Take a knitting class
3.    Lose weight… a perennial favorite – 5 pounds
4.    Read 6 books, not cookbooks, my first love. – two down
5.    Organize my office - done
6.    Learn Italian
7.    Visit one U.S. historical site with the family.

I am working on joining another committee at church. I have to do research to find out who is in charge of the committee. No weight lost but two weeks of eating out did not help. No worries, I am back on track this week. No Italian either but then again, I did paint four rooms and finished all the wedding favors. I have read two books this month and still working on the family vacation.  

In addition to my yearly goals, April gardening takes center stage. The earlier you plant flowers in April, the longer they have time to get settled before the heat sets in.  

       1.     Wash outside windows – too much rain to finish in March 
     2.    Rocks laid around new flower bed

     3.    Garden planted
     4.    Flower pots planted
     5.    15 flats of petunias, impatiens and vincas planted
     6.    Two new Adirondack chairs painted
     7.    Baseboards painted in two rooms

     8.    Wash all accessories in the house
     9.    Easter baskets for the elderly completed by April 18th

     10. Wedding program, menu card and itinerary finished
     11.  Groomsmen measurements in for tuxedos
     12.  Wedding invitations mailed
    13.  Guest bags finished to deliver to hotel
    14. Photo shoot list completed for the photographer
I finish teaching this month. Summer beckons and I long for weeks of gardening, painting, swimming and finishing all my sewing projects. April is lovely but nothing looks good in the garden and I wait with all anticipation for summer grilling and entertaining. I long for the sun on my face… soon!!

What are your April goals?


  1. to get my front flower bed in good shape...veggie garden is doing to work on the flowers...

  2. I want so badly to get to flower planting, but since we got snow on Monday in NC, and we've had rain ever since it may wait another week.

    Otherwise i'm picking away at cleaning our disaster of a home, working on a sewing project, studying for the GRE, and started my first grad school application. Whew.

  3. What a fabulous list and so many accomplishments so far!! :o) Our potatoes are coming up like mad! It is awesome. Still waiting on the sprouts for other veggies. I would love to plant a flower garden. I have only ever purchased flowers at the nursery and placed them in pots. We are talking about planting seeds with shop lights next year. Have you done that before?

  4. Very intereresting reading. thx



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