Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sharpening Knives

I have the dullest knives on the planet. My dear sweet father in law, who passed several years ago, use to come visit my home and sharpen all my knives. God bless him!!!

I wanted to take the knives to get them sharpened but I could never give them up long enough for the lovely people at the cooking store to sharpen them. I did buy a knife sharpener, but the knives were so dull.... the sharpener was not able to get them sharp enough to make a difference.

So after some research, I used my father in law's whetstone (You Tube is awesome for research!!)

Instead of an angle guide, I used a medium size binder clip to keep the knife at a 22 degree angle. 

Starting at the back of the knife, I ran the knife along the rough side of the whetstone at a 22 degree angle, 100 times, making sure to run the knife along the entire edge. Remember to use the whetstone on both sides of the knife, 100 times.

Next, I flipped the whetstone over and at the same 22 degree angle, ran the knife from back to front on the finer side of the whetstone. This action finely tunes the edge of the knife.

With the knife fully sharpened, it easily cuts the onions and peppers I needed to julienne that evening.

I finished the other 6 knives after seeing how wonderful the knife cut.

A sharp knife is a wonderful thing.

Get your knives out and sharpen them. You will be so happy and cooking will be so much easier. I am going to buy a larger whetstone to make the job a little easier. 


  1. Great tutorial on knive sharpening! While visiting my home once, my cousin told me my knives wouldn't cut butter!


  2. I watched a program on the Cooking Channel on knife sharpening a few days ago. She used a whetstone and I remembered the one my father had when I was young. I need to get one and follow your lead. Love the idea of the binder clip to guide the angle.

  3. good for you learning how to do it hubby is the knife sharpener around here...he learned at an early age..

  4. My knives are so in need of sharpening! Thanks for showing us how you did it!
    Alos, thanks for stopping by my (new!)blog and leaving the answers to my questions in the comments!
    One of these days I will get the hang of how all this blogging stuff works, still ironing out all of the technical stuff!


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