Thursday, February 24, 2011


Do you have a cleaning routine? How about a routine for repairing items in your home? SA gardening routine? 

People always ask me how I get so many things done in a day or week. One of the keys to accomplishing goals is to have set routines. Now I know routines have gotten a bad rap!! Routines are boring, uninspiring and go against a free-spirited nature.

But establishing routines allow me the freedom to accomplish other things in a day rather than chasing your tail all day long. You know the type of day I am talking about… waking up late, no breakfast, trying to iron an outfit, chasing kids around to get out the door, car has no gas, no lunch prepared, and finally, finishing work and driving through a fast food restaurant for dinner.  

Establishing a routine brings calmness and order to rule in your home. 

One of my favorite routines is to clean my bedroom on Saturday morning. First, I sleep as late as possible, until 7:30… Horrors!!! After feeding the boys, I dust and Windex the bedroom in my pj’s, picking up any miscellaneous items that may have worked their way into my room during the week. I read all the unread papers for the week, eat breakfast in bed, clean the bathroom, lay out some clothes for church and finally, change the sheets and re-make the bed. I vacuum almost every day so I do not need to perform that chore.


I am finished in about two hours but honestly I love this time on Saturday morning. It is delicious!!! Absolutely delicious!!!! 

Do you have any routines? If so, what are they? If not, don't worry, we are going to make some new routines in the next few weeks to create order in your life!!!


  1. You are so good Cynthia...I tend to lean towards the dog chasing his tail some days....LOL....I do enjoy Sunday mornings sleeping in a bit...and taking care of my chores at leisure...

  2. What about the other days?
    Have you already written on those?
    If not- how about a long post on ALL your routines?

    I love reading how people do things-

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