Monday, February 21, 2011

Organization: Closet cleaning

After the children moved to their own homes, I decided to move my winter clothes into my daughter's huge closet.

Her closet is big enough to house the washer and dryer

 with a Ballard design dryer rack (my new favorite thing)


and a cute laundry sign.


This closet holds my cute mannequin into the closet to hold all my long necklaces and fancy pins.

This shadow box holds all my brooches, watches and big costume jewelry ring. And the door keeps them all free of dust.

The round table, found at a yard sale for $5, is small enough to fit neatly into the closet but also makes a wonderful folding table. 

Okay, enough about my favorite closet. Organization in a closet is very important. It allows you to see all your sweaters, and other items, such as shoes, scarves and necklaces. Every Saturday morning, I check the clothes I have worn that week to see if the shoes need polishing, buttons need some stitching, folding sweaters neatly and putting everything back in place. As simple as this chore sounds, and it is, it provides order in my life. The entire chore takes approximately 20 minutes but more importantly, it prevents the need to block out large periods of time to clean the closet.

Are your closets organized? Are your shoes polished? If the answers are no, don't worry. Set some time this weekend and spend 20 minutes putting things back in place. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in 20 minutes.


  1. wow what a cool closet....great hints just making myself do them...

  2. Oh, what a great closet! I love making storage areas look good, I am not so good at keeping them that way! I like the idea of a few minutes a week to keep things organizedm, I need to actaully do that. Wish I had your extensive wardrobe :)!


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