Monday, February 28, 2011

Goals for March

Remember my New Year’s Resolutions? Well, how am I doing on my goals?
I have joined one committee at church, lost 5 pounds and totally organized my office. My Italian is still behind and I am struggling to read one book. We are planning a vacation after the weekend but not to a historic site. I will start researching some choices for the family to decide in the near future.
1.     Involved in two committees at church

2.    Take a knitting class
3.    Lose weight… a perennial favorite
4.    Read 6 books, not cookbooks, my first love.
5.    Organize my office
6.    Learn Italian
7.    Visit one U.S. historical site with the family. 

 In addition to my yearly goals, March also brings lots of chores that have to be completed. 

1.     Paint the living room

2.    Pressure wash house
3.    Wash outside windows
4.    Finish the guest bedroom
5.    Organize the garage

6.    Fertilize, aerate and add new grass seed to the yard

7.    Purchase new computer
8.    Finish all the favors for the wedding.

With Easter in April this year, I have some time to get some big chores done in March. This time of year always makes me want to clean and polish the house a little more than during the winter.
Spring brings the joy of re-birth. A garden that is beautiful without weeds or bugs. Spring bulbs blossoming. What are you March goals?


  1. I'm excited we are planting a veggie garden this year...hubby is building me garden boxes....

  2. Love ur new heading!!! YEAH MARCH!! :* muah! Love you.


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