Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Goals for February

As we enter February, my goals for this year are progressing, not as fast as I like, but winter months force me indoors to remodel the inside.

The bottom part of the dining room gets painted this month and maybe some special touches, such as molding.

Living room baseboards get painted this month. Next month, the living room walls gets painted. I painted this entire house and thought maybe the living room needs new paint. These walls were painted 12 years ago... yes they need a fresh coat of paint.

I sewed this pillow but need to finish the duvet cover for my daughter's condominium.

Spring cleaning continues with all the walls and baseboards get vacuumed and washed. The copper cookie cutters need polishing.

We are having a couple of dinner parties and a "man" shower for our future son-in-law. Invites, favors and a fun time needs to be planned for the end of the month. Wedding planning is going well but I am a little panicked. However, I know we have a plan and need to work the plan. My daughter and I have dedicated one afternoon a week to the wedding and we have been working down the list.

Have you made a plan for the month? Where are you on your New Year's Resolutions?

Home Decorating:                                                                     

Hallway Painted                                                                          
DR Painted                                                                                   
Curtains for masculine room                                                          
Sewing a duvet cover and loveseat slipcover                              

Cabbage seeds started                                                                   
Broccoli seeds started                                                                   
Plant and Mulch Roses                                                                  
Fence panels repaired                                                                  
Garden Bench Built                                         


Copper Cookie Cutters Polished  
Baseboards and Walls washed
China Cabinet thoroughly cleaned
Organize two closets

Personal Goals

Work out three times a week

Read one book
Start learning Italian
Join one committee at church

Sorry for the messy goals!!! They looked great when I edited them but a mess when posted!!!


  1. sounds like all is on track...so I guess you found a new venue for the wedding...are you pleased with it? Happy February....

  2. Great idea! I just went back through my list of goals for this year and made a list for this month. Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe I'll get it all done and look for more to do before the month is over! :)


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