Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gardening: Cutting back perennials

Remember these pretty flowers in the spring?

Well, my winter garden has no interest in it. No winter flowers, nothing.. except the stems of beautiful perennials no longer blooming and long gone. However, these stems enhance the garden during the winter months.. with snow or ice.

But as winter is in full force, the stems need to go. This weekend was beautiful, warm and sunny, it reminded me that I now need to cut back all the dead growth of the perennials to make the plants ready for new growth.

So with my sharpest pruners, I cut the stems close to the ground.

And now they are ready for spring and a good feeding.

 Spring flowers are almost here!!!

What are you doing to get ready for spring?


  1. right now we are just hoping this ice will melt soon....after all this is Texas....and this is day 4 of ice.....

  2. It's February, and we have some flowers already starting to come up.

    Question: do I need to cut back my knock-out rose bush? It's looking a little spindly. I want it to be fuller.


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