Friday, February 18, 2011

Entertaining in a small intimate way!!

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to entertain more during the year. Now we give several great parties throughout the year, our huge Fourth of July party is one of the biggest!! But I never get to spend quality time with friends, family and neighbors during the party. I am always trying to ensure that there is plenty of ice, food, kids entertained or just trying to be the best hostess.

So I decided this year to have friends or neighbors over to dinner on Friday evenings. Fridays are a day where everyone is on their way home from work, taking the time to pause and looking forward to the weekend.

Since my goal is to spend quality time with friends, I make delicious and simple food. Sometimes, feeding my guests in the warmth and comfort of the kitchen. However, as delicious as the food is to eat, the focus of the evening is not the food. The focus is to laugh, reconnect and take time to honor those people that I love.

So how do I entertain on a Friday night.
  1. Set the table during the week.
  2. Pick a menu that is easy to put together, using leftovers during the week or items that can made on the weekend and cooked on Friday.
  3. Pick a theme for the night. Board game, cards, old movies or just sitting and reconnecting. The important point is to enjoy the night. Not stress. You should treat your guests as family. 

Is it a little effort? Yes but their smiling faces make it worth it. So let's make it a point to reconnect with our loved ones; friends, neighbors or family.

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  1. good advice Cynthia...we have been making an effort to spend more time with our friends and loved ones with out the stress of trying to make everything just we include them more in the process...and it's more fun for everyone...and less stressful for us


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