Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do you know where your electrical panel is?

The other day, I plugged the vacuum in the wall a boom, I blew a fuse. Now we have two electrical boxes, one with fuses and one with breakers. If the breaker trips on the electrical panel, I know exactly how to flip the breaker. But the fuse? No way.

I have no idea. And to make matters worse, the electrical panel was not labeled, despite both my husband and I saying we would get around to labeling them. After a panicked call to the hubby 2,000 miles away, I decided to break down and figure it out.

First, I needed to find the fuses and a flashlight. Next, I went to the store to buy fuses and a flashlight.

So my daughter helped me by replacing all the fuses with a new one until we found the right fuse. I also started to label the panel with labels we could identify.

The moral of the story, an electrical panel is an essential part to your home running smoothly. And you need to know how to replace the fuse or flip the breaker. I added all the fuses and a small flashlight in a ziploc bag on the outside of the fuse box.

Is your panel clearly labeled? Your challenge this week is to know where your electrical panel is located, is it labeled, and where is your flashlight. Make a game of it with the kids, plug in a radio to the outlet you are testing. When the radio turns off, after flipping the breaker or loosening the fuse, label it.

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  1. that's a good wouldn't believe how many of our customers male and female don't even know where there breaker panel is...


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