Saturday, February 26, 2011

Confession: Did you ever wonder why your dog loves you?

Last week, my daughter was busy with tests and she didn’t come by our home for several days. However, on Saturday, she stopped by to drop off some items and her lovely boy for me to granddog sit. 

Well, the puppy loves her, very much. And he somehow missed her coming in the office and go upstairs. He heard her come in but could not find her.He diligently looked for her for a solid 15 minutes until he figured out she was upstairs. Well, he threw himself into her arms and proceeded to kiss her (read lick) her for 5 minutes. 

When my dogs come in from doing their business, they search all over for me. Why? 

Why do they love me so? Why do they need to sit under my feet as I type, sew, watch TV? 

I don’t deserve their adoration but love to know that despite how difficult my day is, they always love me. 

And Lord knows, I need it.


  1. Love this post! Molly is always at my hip and very protective of Cooper!

  2. wait till you have's even better than the dogs....


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