Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Painting a Yard Sale Mirror

Sometimes I go to yard sale after yard sale and leave empty handed. We love them but honestly sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time. But every once in a while, I come across a treasure. This mirror was sitting in the corner, unloved and was $5.

An ugly color and needing an update, I knew this mirror was a diamond in the rough. First of all, it was extremely heavy. The glass is beveled and with the bamboo details, it reminded me of a Pottery Barn mirror. So with this beautiful "masculine"...insert amused laugh here...

I felt like painting the mirror to match the blue would highlight the fine qualities of the mirror and bring out the blue in the wallpaper.

I tested two different blues... a lighter one and a darker one. In the end, we went with the darker color as the room would have denim in it and I wanted the mirror to add some "weight" to the wall.

Look at the beautiful detailing in the mirror.

 Painting a mirror requires careful taping.

 How pretty does this blue look on the wall? It really is a pretty color and a pretty mirror.

I love the lamp and flowers with the mirror but boy is it hard to take pictures of mirrors.

 I can't wait to show you the bed we found for the room. It is completely awesome and was dirt cheap!!! So the moral of the story is to keep going to yard sales... you never know what you may find. I know it is disheartening but every once in a while, you may find a treasure.


  1. What a great find. I do also tend to find myself discouraged after hitting yard sale after yard sale and finding not a single treasure (especially when I have this one friend Cathy at Cathy's out Junkin Again and she find the best things!!!) I have been yard saling with her and on that trip I found great stuff too. She just has "the touch"...always.

    Thanks for stopping by Southern Somedays and commenting on my Wordless Wednesday photo. It is one of my favorites. It features my Aunt (the bride) with my grandparents and my Uncle and his parents. Everyone in that photo has passed except my beautiful, fiesty, firery Aunt and she is living life to the fullest as a widow. I especially love that she is clasping her Mother's hand (and if you have been a Momma that has sent one out into the world you can see in my GrandMother's eyes the struggle). (((hugs)))

  2. love the color you decided mans trash is another mans treasure for sure...especially with a little paint...

  3. I love that color! Great find. And I can't wait to see the rest of the room!!!!


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