Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gardening: Time to order the roses

February is the perfect time to plant bare root roses in this part of the world... And I needed to order some new roses for our rose bed I built last year.

I started with this sweet pink rose, Heaven on Earth, it looks like heaven. A pink rose that reminds me of a peony and you know how much I love peonies.

Next, I ordered, the Pope John Paul II rose hybrid tea rose. I need a pretty rose to line the fence and with the rose getting five feet tall, I am counting on it to fill the space and provide a nice white anchor to the rose bed.

And lastly, my new climbing rose, Heavenly Dawn, an apricot old fashioned rose that I am going to use for the arbor.


The rose is described as a "fully double, extra-large blooms cascade from every stem of this rose" what a luscious description. 

The funny thing about my rose order is the name of these flowers... Heaven on Earth, Pope John Paul II and Heavenly Dawn... I see a trend!!! I know that I feel closest to God when I garden but now my rose bed will be a testimony for that feeling....


  1. I like that...I've never had much luck with Mom can just cut off a sprig...put it in the ground and it grows...can't wait to see your new ones in bloom...hope they live up to their names...

  2. Pope John II Hybrid Tea Rose has had many rave reviews. It is a 50 petaled, extremely fragrant, very disease resistant rose from what I have read - you will be pleased. I am contemplating ordering a few myself. Thanks for posting -

  3. Please post when your Heavenly Dawn blooms :) I can't wait to see this one in a real picture. Mine hasn't bloomed yet, and I can't wait, lol.


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