Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cooking: Are you an Organized Cook?

I am the type of cook that likes order, menus, recipes and lovely refrigerators. As you know from my menu planning? I need a menu. Menus are important to me because they allow me to provide a sense of balance to my family's meals. I build the grocery list off my menus.

Fresh fruit and veggies get washed as they come in from the store or farm stand. 

And place them in the fridge to make the fridge pretty and ready to cook the meals on my menu.

Carefully planned meals allow me to try new recipes, like this Tomato Goat Cheese tart

A menu plan allows me to put together this antipasto dish and have company.... Guests are an important part of my menu plans as they are in our life.

 Menu planning also allows me to bring flavor to our dinners... such as these plum pork kabobs. A good try but a bad experiment...which is why you never heard of them before. Thankfully, I had planned for a back up dinner and had plenty of leftovers when these turned into a flop.

I also plan baked goods in my weekly menus. The baked goods are gifts for elderly neighbors, sick friends and surprises to mailmen, garbage men, and my church, who are usually on a diet. This strawberry bread is always a great hit!!!

Menu planning also allows me to make desserts for family and friends. I know I have the ingredients on hand to whip them out. The blackberries we gathered and froze were delicious in this blackberry cobbler. 

I encourage you to sit down with a calender and a new cook book. As you look through the cookbook, pencil two new recipes in the calender that you would like to try. Fill the rest of the calender with family favorites, tried and true recipes and you will have a menu plan for the month.


  1. I'm more of a fly by the seat of my pants cook...I'll look at a recipe and kind of make it my own...Hubby is the same way....he does most of the cooking around here....I love all your hints and post for organization...

  2. I need to do this when I get home from Blissdom. Although I'm not sure if I have enough tried and true recipes under my belt to fill the rest of the month! *blush*


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