Friday, December 03, 2010

Gardening: Putting the garden to bed

Summer has come to an end and the garden needs to be put to bed. As I pulled the vegetables when they were finished, the weeds looked at the lush gardens and though, hey... let me make my home there!!!

So before winter comes to Tennessee, the garden needs to be cleared of weeds.

 We do have a little lettuce and arugula left if the garden but next week, temperatures will drop below freezing so they will be gone soon.

When the garden is cleared of weeds, it is time to feed the garden and put it to bed!!!

Add some peat moss.

Cover with compost!!

And tuck the soil in until next year.

In spring, I will use a big fork to turn the dirt over.

I know this is not a pretty post, but the garden will be beautiful and bountiful again next year for all the hard work I have done this fall!!! Always remember, beauty always require the dirty work!!!

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