Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas Planning for the hectic, harried, and just plain old too busy to plan Christmas

Last year, I ran ten week series on Christmas planning. My Christmas was a lovely planned event with pretty much no hitch. However, this year, I have been so busy with remodeling, company, wedding planning, and several other projects, my Christmas is a .... well, lovely planned event.

This year? Christmas cards are unsigned, the Christmas photo is not taken, the cookies have not been baked, etc.... Well, we are all busy and sometimes you cannot get everything planned, no matter how earnest you try.

So what do you do?

1. Write a list of everything that needs to get done... gifts, baking, menu, parties, decorating, etc.

2. Next, prioritize the list. What is the most important items to you and your family? Is it the parties, the Christmas tree? Take your list and number your priorities.

3. Start working the list from your most important and finish it first.

4. Delegate the list. The children can help decorate, wrap gifts for friends and families.

5. Let the rest go. Trust me, if you want to have a party, your family and friends are not going to care if you purchased the foods at the grocery or Warehouse store, versus you whipping up every dish from scratch. The most important thing is you and your family have fun and enjoy the season.

Yes, we all want the picture perfect Christmas but your children are not going to grow up and say, "I remember the perfect Christmas back when we were little and we haven't had one like that since..." They will the presents, games, your laughter, the warmth and love of a close and happy family and friends.


  1. good reminder as we are all trying to get everything done...

  2. Thank you Cynthia. I so needed this this morning. We have finished a week of crazy. The reward was 6 amazing shows of Seussical the Musical, happy kids, and fun with friends I don't get to see except during a show.
    My fridge is broken and in the middle of the kitchen. Stuff is everywhere. But our tree is up and the nativity is in place. I think I'll go turn on the lights and enjoy for a few. Thank you dear friend. Merry Christmas!


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