Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Baskets

Every year for Christmas, we give some of the elderly from our church gift baskets filled with goodies. My friends love the treats and I love distributing all our efforts to people who loved us and who we loved so much during the year.

So this week is filled with baking, candy making, marshmallow making, Chex mix tossing, fudge fudging, truffle truffling and packaging all those treats.

Let me tell you, the elderly ladies and gentlemen who we deliver those homemade treats love them.

I am encouraging you to bake some extra cookies or some fudge, etc. You will be so loved and feel so good... trust me you will want to do it every Christmas.


  1. it does make you feel good doesn't it....we will take our ornaments to the nursing home next week....

  2. Merry Christmas Cynthia...
    Hope you have a wonderful day...


  3. We mak up goodie bags that we take to the shut ins as we Christmas carol to them. The youth always makes decorations for the bags. The ladies of the church get together to make the cookies. This year the youth group has some pocket calendars and other little things left from their Santa's Workshop sale to add to the bags.
    It's a great ministry and we are always welcomed with open arms when we come to carol.

  4. Cynthia...hope everything is okay with haven't posted lately...Happy New Year...


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