Monday, November 08, 2010

Organizing: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays... well, they are all my favorite holidays but I love Thanksgiving dinner, football, fall, Thanksgiving leftovers, green bean casserole, BLACK FRIDAY, and spending quality time with the family.

But a successful holiday, for me, takes planning. So here is my strategy to have the best Thanksgiving and a quick transition to Christmas.

1. Develop a weekend menu: The menu gives you a fridge full of dishes that are not difficult to prepare and allows you to sit back and enjoy the holiday with your family.

Wednesday night: Shrimp Bisque
                               Grilled Cheese bar filled with Gruyere, Fontina, pears, apples, fresh spinach, and fig                                  preserves
                               Green salad with Balsamic Vinagrette
                               Lemon Cookies

Thanksgiving Day: Cinnamon Rolls
                                French Toast Casserole
                                Spinach Frittata

                  Snacks:  Oyster Ranch Crackers
                                 Brie en Croute with Crackers

                  Dinner:  Butternut squash soup
                                Green Bean Casserole
                                Broccoli Rice Casserole (Already made in the freezer)
                                Garlic Mashed Potatoes (Already made in the freezer)
                                Cauliflower Gratin
                                Cranberry Sauce
                                Dinner Rolls

                 Dessert:  Pecan Pie  
                                 Caramel Apple Pie
                                 Cheese cake
                               Chocolate Cupcakes ( The girls will bake the night before and decorate on Thanksgiving)
                                Sugar Cookies

Friday:  Breakfast: Chick Filet.. It's a Black Friday Tradition
              Lunch: Turkey Sandwiches and leftovers

              Dinner: Steaks with herb butter, Potato Latkes (with leftover potatoes) and Broccoli Spears

Saturday: Breakfast: Waffles with Eggs and Bacon

                 Lunch: Turkey Quesadillas

                 Dinner: Stuffed Shells, Cesar Salad and Italian Bread

Sunday:   Brunch out with frends
                Turkey Soup
                Leftover sides

Separate this menu into two grocery lists. The first list is staples that should be purchased this week.The other list should be bought two days before Thanksgiving.

2. Develop a plan. The plan will make your life easier. 
Here is my plan: 
This week: On Wednesday this week, I am baking lemon cookies, pies, rolls, cinnamon rolls and cookies. The goodies will go into the freezer. I also will make the oyster ranch crackers and I might make some Chex Party Mix. Fresh turkey ordered.
Next week: I will make the butternut squash soup, stuffed shells and freeze it. The table will get set ( I will cover it with a sheet to make sure not a spot of dust gets on the table). Place cards will be made and lastly, I will double check my grocery list. The guest bedrooms will be checked to make sure they are ready. 
I love this table and will use it for inspiration for our Thanksgiving table: 
Thanksgiving week: I will cover my plan for this week next Monday... but you know the house needs to be cleaned. 
3. Are there any fun projects you want to do for the holiday? Crafts, decor, games? Spend 30 minutes thinking about something that would be fun. There are two projects I have been thinking of.... 
First, I have a little flip video and want to have my niece or either of my kids tape a video of Thanksgiving... asking what everyone is Thankful for... and then editing it for everyone to view. A future treasure, I am sure. Even a bad video would still be special.
Secondly, I am having the girls bake the very first cake I ever made. My mother's favorite. They can decorate cupcakes for the family but I would love for them to learn to bake a special family treat. I am purchasing special aprons for them and special books for them to write down the recipe. If they want any recipe from Thanksgiving, I thought the book would be a way for them to record any dish or any idea.  
Well, two and a half weeks until Thanksgiving and we have a plan. 

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  1. you inspire me Cynthia...I am working on my Thanksgiving decor this week...found some really cute things at the thrift store yesterday...


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