Monday, November 15, 2010

Organization: Thanksgiving Week Game Plan

Okay, we are one week away from Thanksgiving. I know most ladies panic when the look at a lovely, complicated menu and think... How do I manage this menu and still have time with my guests?

Well, let me lay out my plan for the week of Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 20th

Defrost Turkey (If you are using a fresh turkey, you can skip this step.)

Monday, November 22nd

  • Herb butter combined
  • Sugar cookies baked
  • House cleaned once over
  •  Dessert table set up with table cloth and cake plates, knives and dishes

  • Guest bedrooms doubled checked for soap, towels, any other items. 
  • Place cards put out

Tuesday, November 23rd

  • Walnuts and butter combined  and sauteed for Brie En Croute
  • Cupcake icing made for the girl's cupcakes. 
  • Put the icing in the icing bags and additionally put in airtight ziploc bag
  • Grocery store trip for all the fresh items
  • Cauliflower gratin prepared
  • Cut up carrots, celery, broccoli and wash grape tomatoes for crudities
  • Ranch dip prepared
  • Butternut squash soup prepared and refrigerated
  • Defrost pies and side dishes in the refrigerator
  • Lay out any dishes you need for side dishes
  • Sugar cookies decorated

Wednesday, November 24rd

  • Shrimp Bisque made
  • Lay out grilled cheese bar
  • Toss green salad with Balsamic vinagrette
  • Combine ingredients for Chocolate cupcakes
  • Stuffing items sauteed and combined to complete stuffing. 
  • Refrigerate stuffing.
  • Cinnamon Rolls defrosted in refrigerator
  • Puff pastry defrosted in refrigerator
  • Steaks defrosted in refrigerator
  • Combine French Toast Casserole and refrigerate overnight
  • Brine the turkey: Prepare brine. Combine all the brine ingredients. Place the turkey in a brining bag and pour brine over turkey to submerge. Refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours. 
  • Guest bedroom: fresh flowers added  
  • Set breakfast table
  • Add fresh flowers to Thanksgiving Table

Thursday, November 25rd
9:00 AM

  • Turkey stuffed and trussed. Put in the oven 
  • Extra stuffing put in serving dish and put back in refrigerator
  • Bake French Toast Casserole
  • Combine and bake spinach frittata
  • Warm cinnamon rolls
  • Defrost rolls in refrigerator
  • Small saucepan with chicken stock, turkey neck heated to baste turkey for the next six hours
1:00 PM

  • Brie en croute prepared
  • Put out oyster ranch crackers and crudities 
  • Green bean casserole prepared and baked 
  • Girl's decorate the cupcakes 
  • Lay out carving knife

2:00 PM

  • Side dishes and rolls wrapped in aluminum foil in other oven at 200 degrees 
  • Stuffing dish added to the turkey oven 
  • Desserts set out on dessert table
  • Cranberry sauce in dishes 
  • Turkey platter lined with lettuce, cranberries and oranges 
  • Cornstarch and water mixed for gravy
  • Start warming soup

3:00 PM

  • Turkey out of oven and wrapped with aluminum foil to let it rest.
  • Drippings heated on stove to make gravy, add chicken stock and cornstarch/water mix
  • Rolls removed from oven and put in basket
  • Wine opened and poured
  • Candles lit 
After Soup is finished and dishes cleared:

  • Side dishes removed from oven and set on buffet table
  • Move turkey to platter, keep covered while soup is served
Thanksgiving dinner is served!!!


  1. you have a great plan....hope you have a great week...

  2. You forgot to send a kid to the airport to pick up husband/father.


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