Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November Goals

November is the most overlooked month. I always rush to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas that the other three weeks in November get overlooked.

So here are the goals for this month:


1. Finish the last bedroom remodel. The wallpaper needs to be steamed off, ceiling fixed and painted, the trim painted and new wallpaper hung.

2. All the Halloween decorations put up and organized.

3. Thanksgiving decorations taken out.

4. Silver polished and Thanksgiving dishes washed.

5. Thanksgiving weekend menu planned.

6. Breads baked and frozen

Cinnamon rolls baked and frozen

and Chex Party Mix, made and frozen.  Thinking about something special to add to our cookie baskets. Planning the cookies we are making for Christmas also.

7. Christmas gift list finished

8. Windows washed in the house.

9. Check all windows to add caulking.

Garden and yard:

1. Last perennials and bulbs planted.

So next spring we will have these!!

2. Potting shed cleaned out and garden pots washed.

3. Water to potting shed and outside faucets turned off.

4. Outside tables washed and covered.


  1. you are so organized...I love your hints...

  2. YOU GO GIRL! Love it! I am peeling wallpaper today, myself. I want my dining room done before Thanksmas/Christgiving!

  3. You have a wonderful list here. I need to tackle lots of these myself!!

  4. Yea Cynthia! You go girl. Knock yourself out. I'll watch. :)


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