Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Guest Bedroom Punch list

Remember this cute girly guest bedroom that I remodeled...

Well, I had a punch list of things to finish... first, curtains from Target.

They are beautiful silk curtains that add a cherry to the top of this bedroom. They soften the room and when the sunlight shines on this room in the afternoon, they provide a pink glow.... so pretty.

Also, this cute table, I had purchased from a yard sale for $5 was primed but needed to be painted. I painted it with Behr's Artist Canvas with primer. So cute!!!!

The table looks lovely and fits perfectly in the room.

I have had several questions about the paint color of the room. The soft beige is Behr's Aged Parchment. I love it and the paint strikes the right balance.

So this room is completed and waiting for my niece to visit for Thanksgiving!!! Get excited!!!

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