Friday, October 29, 2010

My dogs and Halloween

As most of you know, we love Halloween. Not the scary Halloween but the cute and cuddly Halloween... Candy Apples, Candy Corn, Sweet princesses in costumes and Pumpkins.

The dogs love Halloween, too. Maybe not as much as I do but they love to run to the door and see who is there... it is never for them but that doesn't stop them from running.

Well, over the last several years, I have taken it upon myself to dress the dogs to get them in the Halloween spirit.

And I am not sure that I have shared all those pictures with you.. so here goes.

Several years ago, the boys were lobsters... I was the big mermaid!

And then they were bumble bees and I was the flower. 

 For the next year, we had the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow.... Of course, I was Dorothy. 

And last year, we had Little Red Riding Hood

Okay, two Little Red Riding Hoods and one Wolf...."What big teeth you have?"

 And lastly The Grandma...

Sadly, some of these dogs are no longer with me but I loved them and they loved celebrating Halloween... All the neighbors come out to see them in their glory and the old trick or treaters we deliver our treats too love them and love to see what they are going to be every year... 
To be honest, I love coming up with a theme every year too.... What are your dogs dressing up as?


  1. that is so funny...Rooster just posted about what he should be for Halloween this year...your dogs are adorable...can't wait to see what yall decide to be this year...

  2. Miss Coco has a cut candy corn dress and a feather trimmed orange tee. Your dogs look so cute!


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