Saturday, October 23, 2010

My daughter and my shoe obsession

We love shoes at our house... my daughter and I have quite a few shoes, I mean we love shoes. we won't tell. But recently, my daughter had a pretty dress that she wanted to find some cute shoes.

So while I was out shopping one day, I came across some really cute shoes and being the kind mom that I am, I sent her pictures of shoes.

While she was in one of her engineering class....

 I mean, how cute are these shoes? Who could resist?

And then I purchased one for her, after she chose her favorite... A cute pink high heel with a sweet bow.

She wore them to a wedding last weekend with a pretty black cocktail dress and had a lot of compliments... Technology.... she can shop in her civil engineering class... a great multi-tasker!!!


  1. adorable shoes...isn't it daughter and I do the same thing...we send photos for approval...and text messaging it's the greatest thing hubby can't stand it...he likes to talk face to face...doesn't get the idea of texting...


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