Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yeah!!! Halloween is here!!

The dogs are ready:

The costumes were laid out and ready....

The cheerleader

The football

The football player

The other football player

The referee

The pumpkin is carved.

The gift bags were filled.

The cookies were baked

The apples were covered in chocolate.

The decorations were out.

And the candy ready for the trick or treaters.

And all the dogs made their rounds.

And some of the dogs broke out and ran down the street to trick or treat...

But were carried back ....


Trick or treat, smell your feet!!!


  1. Those chocolate apples look delicious! And the pups costumes are adorable :) Happy Halloween

  2. adorable dogs...great treats...

  3. I love your Halloween Post. I am sorry for not checking in more. Life here is busy busy. When I get to come back to blog world I kick myself for staying away so long.
    Hope you are well friend. HUGS!
    Oh and I think all apples should be dipped in chocolate. Those look sooooo good.


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