Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baking: Candy Corn Halloween Cupcakes

I saw these cute cupcakes and decided my students needed a cupcake party. Remember when you were in elementary school and had cupcakes? Well, my college students needed a cupcake party. Besides, I did a poll of the boys and only two of them was dressing up for Halloween.... well, that is depressing.

So I baked up some chocolate cupcakes, okay, a lot of cupcakes.

Made some buttercream icing and tinted it, yellow and orange.
Using a big star tip, I first piped the yellow.

Next piped a smaller star of orange.

And topped it with a star of white.... like a candy corn. 

And lastly, added a white tip.

How cute are they?

I hope the students like their candy corn cupcakes and


  1. you are a thoughtful teacher...very cute...

  2. Very cute and yummy!!!! I wish I were in your class.

  3. Love them. I hope the students get into the spirit!!

  4. These are absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to make this cupcake in October. Very, very clever!!


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