Thursday, October 07, 2010

Accomplishing Something New

This weekend, my sister was in town. She is an amazing knitter and as part of her visit, we scoured our area for yarn stores. As she is always on the hunt for new and exciting yarn, I tagged along but really did not spend time looking at any of the beautiful yarn.

However, she refused to let me sit in my "knitting" complacency.

I mean, I can felt a cute snowman....

or knit a cute dog sweater but I am not a "fancy" knitter, like she is.

Well, I started poking around the store and found this beautiful knitted "necklace", well I thought it looked more like a scarf but it was so pretty, I was hooked.

But don't think I know how to whip open the pattern and start knitting.... I mean the first line... "Cast on 25 stitches".... Okay no problem.

But the second line..." Slip 1st purl wise, knit next st by putting right hand needle intothe center of the next st from the row below, knit it, then slip it off the needle. Purl.......", Umm..... Houston we have a problem!

Well, my lovely sister got me over those difficult instructions. So here I sit with a new project and something completely out of my comfort zone.

But how much fun is it to learn something new. What are you learning that is new? And what do you do at the end of the day when you are just sitting and watching TV?

I am working on a knitted necklace and I can't wait to show you.

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  1. cool for you...I've never learned to knit...I crocheted pot holders when I was a kid...they usually turned out lop-sided...


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