Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Accomplished: Baking Cookies

I have 165 6 inch by 3 inch wedding cookies to bake and decorate this week for a friend's daughter's wedding.

Now this is a large undertaking that requires careful planning.

1. I pre-measured all the ingredients. This step allowed me to make the 15 double batches of sugar cookie dough in a couple of hours. I also was able to see what ingredients I may have been running short of for the cookie dough.
2. The zip-loc bags are wonderful for the dry ingredients.

Flour, Baking powder and salt


3. I refrigerated all the cookie dough for several days to ensure it was ready.
4. I baked all the cookies in one day.
5. All the cookies were transferred to Tupperware until I could decorate them.
6. I again, laid out all the ingredients for the frosting to make sure I had enough and to make the process go faster.
7. An entire day was set aside to decorate the cookies.
8. The cookies set over night to ensure they thoroughly dried.
9. Each cookie was bagged and tied with a pretty ribbon.

Side View

With cookie baking season coming... i.e. Christmas, spend a day getting your dry ingredients together. You will love how easy it will be accomplish your cookie baking.


  1. wow...you did a lot of baking...you need to show us a upclose photo of your creation...

  2. What a great tip!!!! Organizing and planning makes everything so much easier.
    And these cookies are truely a gift! A gift of talent, time and money. YOur friend and the bride must be thrilled!
    One thing... could you please post the cookie? I would love to see what they look like up close.
    I am very inspired this morning to be more organized!


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