Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Menu Planning

First of all, I want to say... I took a week off. A week doing mundane, uninteresting things like painting a ceiling, cleaning, date night with hubby, and brunch with my peeps. Unblog worthy stuff!!!!

But now after a refreshing break, I want to talk about menus. Menu planning is the most important thing I do every week. Why would I say that?

  1. Each week is filled with balanced, nutritious, and interesting meals. Planning meals allows me try new recipes.
2. Trips to the grocery store are less expensive.

3. I have everything on hand to make the interesting dishes I want to tackle during the week.

4. Good food always makes me eat less. If I don't plan good meals, we graze and eat junk.

5. You know I love left-overs and I have the most amazing leftovers.... In my fridge as I write.... lobster mac and cheese, homemade ham and bean soup, chicken salad and ingredients to make three different meals in 15 minutes.... now that is peace of mind. No fast food for us. And if friends drop by... I have wonderful choices.

6. I have the prettiest refrigerator on the block.

7. If it looks like I won't be able to finish any of those dishes... I will be taking meals to some of my older lady friends.

8. I always know what is for dinner.

9. Planning meals allows me to bake and plan to give friends food gifts, if they had surgery, birthdays or don't feel too well.

Take the time to plan a menu... the time you spends pays back ten fold. If you don't want to use my menu... Plenty of bloggers have wonderful menus.

The rest of my week:


Spinach Frittata
Corn Muffins




Dinner out with my sister and daughter


Club Sandwiches
Potato Salad


Mushroom Risotto
Green Salad with Buttermilk Ranch


Cedar Plank Salmon
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Broccoli Almondine

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