Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Goal Setting for Fall

When the weather starts to turn cooler, we all start to breath a sigh of relief and think of fall... Football, tailgating, pumpkins, holidays and most of all getting the house ready for company.

It is time to look around and decide what we are going to accomplish (in the house) by the next four months. So here are my short range goals:

  1. Since the children moved out, we have three bedrooms that need to be company ready by Thanksgiving. I am finishing the first one in the next two weeks: (Painting, wallpapering and furniture painting)
  2. The entire house needs a thorough fall cleaning.
  3. All the windows will be cleaned
  4. Holiday closet is going to be cleaned out and organized.

As you know, wedding planning has taken up most of our free time but we now have the wedding planned. Several projects need to be finished during this next four months.

In addition to the house and wedding, I have goals to deliver some baked goods and meals to church, some elderly friends and the administration secretary at the college where I am teaching.

Here is the schedule to accomplish my goals:

Monday: Regular cleaning
Tuesday: Teaching and an hour of yard work
Wednesday: Deep Cleaning a room and Baking
Thursday: Teaching and an hour of yard work
Friday: Errands
Weekends: Painting, decorating, organizing

I will also be painting and organizing on Monday and Wednesdays also. This schedule does not include any outside work. I usually spend an hour in the yard four to five days a week. That will continue until November to get all the chores done.


  1. Cynthia, Now I know why your yard looks so spectacular!
    And I agree with you, organizing and planning is the first step to getting anything done.
    Well said, friend!

  2. your dogs are adorable...you are so organized...I need to follow your lead....I've got so much on my plate these days....


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