Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goal Setting and the Plan of the day

Many of you have noticed that most days I post what I plan on doing every day. The plan of the day is important because everyday when I wake up, I know exactly what needs to be done that day. Now, that does not mean that I accomplish all those items in that day but it does mean that I have a plan. A plan of the day!!!

People always ask me how do I get so much done every day. Planning your day, week, month and year helps me to accomplish goals I have set out for myself.

We all have daily items that have to be done. Laundry needs be washed, floors need to be swept but how do we get the house thoroughly cleaned, how do we paint rooms, decorate, plan gardens, accomplish bigger projects.

An important aspect to goal setting is inspiration.

Inspiration for the bedrooms:

Inspiration for decorating the living room:

Inspiration for the garden:

Inspiration for the front door.

As most of you know, I have published my fall goals and have been working my list. These pictures keep me motivated to work my goals.

  1. Wallpapering and painting three bedrooms
  2. The entire house needs a thorough fall cleaning.
  3. All the windows will be cleaned
  4. Holiday closet is going to be cleaned out and organized.
  5. Perennials and bulbs planted
  6. Garden cleaned and put to bed
  7. Yard aerated and seeded
So here is where we are...

  1. One bedroom is done waiting on wallpaper. Second bedroom is primed and will finish being painted this weekend. The third bedroom will get a thorough cleaning and wallpaper will be striped next weekend.
  2. Three rooms have been deep cleaned for fall and each week I am adding another one.
  3. Window washer has been called... I also called the carpet cleaning people too.
  4. I am waiting to pull out Halloween to clean out the holiday closet.
  5. Perennials and bulbs are waiting on cooler weather but they have been ordered.
  6. Three garden beds are clean and will be covered with compost on Friday.
  7. Grass seeding and aerating will wait until rain. We have not had rain in three weeks and I do not want to water grass seed... so hurry up rain.
Make a plan for today. You will get more done than you can imagine.


  1. I am tired just reading your productive list! Good for you!!!!! I agree, setting it down on paper and committing to getting things done is the 1st step.
    I am a big list maker.
    I must admit, I usually have things on my list that remain undone, but at least there are some that are checked off each day!
    This is such a wonderful habit to write about.
    I often come to your beautiful blog and think, "I could have said that". We think a lot alike!!!!
    That is such a compliment to me! And I am not usually given to flattering myself... but it is true. I find coming to your lovely blog like coming home!

  2. you inspire me.....I've been spinning my wheels lately...

  3. Love your blog - a kindred list maker but you sure get more done than I do. i make the list then forget where I put it! Please tell me how you deep clean a room in a day - it takes me several - maybe I'm going at it all wrong? How about a sample deep clean day for those of us who are cleaning challenged? The oilcloth bags are fabulous - do I really need more bags? You bet! Can't buy it locally but have been drooling online.
    Martha Ann


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